A PlayStation in “degraded condition” caused an airport to evacuate

Passengers at Boston’s Logan International Airport were evacuated on Sunday (April 17), after a PlayStation console in “degraded condition” prompted a bomb scare.

As reported by The Hill, a bomb disposal unit was called into Boston Airport around 4PM local time on Sunday, over concerns regarding a suspicious item in a passenger’s bag.

As well as a visit from the bomb disposal unit, the item also caused passengers in Terminal A to be evacuated. However, the suspicious item turned out to be nothing more than a particularly damaged PlayStation console, although it’s not clear what generation of PlayStation it was.

Massachusetts State Police (MSP) spokesperson Dave Procopio explained that “the condition of the console caused abnormalities in the image produced when it was x-rayed, prompting the screeners’ concern.”

“During the investigation of the object and secondary sweeps of the area, passengers in Terminal A were evacuated,” said Procopio, who added that authorities “gave the all-clear” to re-open the terminal just after 5PM.

Despite the PlayStation console’s harmless nature, the evacuation also meant that passengers who had boarded their plane were removed (via WCVB, not available in the UK).

Passenger Pam Lovano told WCVB that upon arriving to the airport for a flight on Sunday, “a bunch of people ran out screaming, so I got back in the car.”

“Then we drove around the terminals again. By the time we got back, Terminal A had been closed by the cops and I could see the people standing outside,” added Lovano.

Footage of the evacuation (visible above) showing large crowds of passengers leaving the airport also sparked alarm on social media, prior to authorities confirming that a PlayStation was to blame.

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