Adam Levine Says He’s ‘the Reason’ Ellen DeGeneres Met Portia de Rossi – Sounderground

Adam Levine and Ellen DeGeneres have a lot to thank each other for. During the Maroon 5 singer’s Tuesday (April 26) appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he and the daytime talk-show host discussed about their history — a conversation that ultimately led to Levine revealing that he is largely responsible for why DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi are together.


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After talking about how Levine gifted DeGeneres one of his few articles of clothing during his second appearance on the show, the host said, “What I’ve done in exchange is, I named your first born child.”

“I know that it was definitely a name that you recommended and I brought it up to [wife] Behati [Prinsloo], and she didn’t get it at first and then she warned up to it, so yeah, you kinda did,” Levine admitted. “Although, I also — and we won’t go into detail because this is private stuff — but I will tell you guys, I’m technically the reason you met Portia.”

“Not why I met her, but why we’re together,” the talk show host clarified.

Levine mused in response, “I guess it makes sense that you’d name my first born child, so everything is as it should be.” DeGeneres agreed and added that their lives are “very intertwined” with each other.

The Maroon 5 frontman’s appearance on the show comes after the band announced on Monday (April 25) that it will be extending its 2022 world tour to include several stops in Canada, as well as cities that were skipped during their trek, such as Orlando; St. Paul, Minn.; Grand Rapids, Mich., and more.

Watch Levine on The Ellen DeGeneres Show below.