Cafe De Anatolia newest release for the summer

Crowned as the best organic house label of this year by our editorial staff, Cafe De Anatolia continues to set the bar for this 2022 summer. The label just released a series of new records and long DJ mixes that will perfectly fit independently if you’re going to drink your mojito on a tropical beach at the sunset or if you’re dancing while watching the sunrise.

Mt Axel, Nes Mburu – Molenge

Not new to deep and tribal vibes, Mt Axel debuts on Cafe de Anatolia together with Nes Mburu. The tune features a hypnotic rolling rhythm paired with plucked housy vibes. Everything is put together with an incredible tribal vocal.

Molenge brings you to an oasis in the middle of the desert as it includes both the wild elements such as the non-stop percussions with more intimate harmonies and romantic melodies.

All the way from Istanbul, Mt Axel tooks inspiration from the world he’s surrounded; living in the crossover of the world, where the West and the East meet, the producer brought the best sounds element of the two worlds and put them together in a magnificent tune as Molenge is.

With his incredible talent when it comes to the tribal house and African sound, Nes Mburu injected his Kenyan musical style into the tune donating a unique touch.

Tuba Twooz – Red Tree including remixes by Rialians On Earth, Tebra

Mysterious duo Tuba Twooz lands on Cafe de Anatolia with a deep and chill record made by soft relaxing lines and soothing beats. The soft vocal and the intimate chorus deliver a sense of well-being and a kind of nostalgic feelings. The two are not new to this kind of music as they recently debuted on Get Physical with This Generation EP.

Tuba Twooz Red Tree’s received also a double remix. The first one comes from Tebra. Focusing his musical style on Ethnical house and Balkan rhythms, his remix of Red Tree is a mix of that. The main theme is kept intact from the original but he injected some fast rolling rhythm and a synth-driven melody before every drop. The track is more focused on the club but it can definitely be played on different occasions.

Last but not least, Rialians On Earth, aka Cafe de Anatolia CEO and Co-Founder, delivered their own spin on the tune. Going full electronic, the tune introduces analog-inspired synth lines and experimental kinds of 8-bit sounds. Everything is packed together by a minimal and clean beat that drives the listener until the end.

HVMZA, Gaz Mawete – Na Mela

Na Mela is the debut release of HVMZA on Cafe De Anatolia. All the way from Belgium his sound sits somewhere between afro house and Latin, packed with Mediterranean and Middle East vibes.

The record reflects HVMZA’s musical style made by colorful backgrounds, dynamic percussions, and stripped sounds. The mix of tribal vocals, traditional African beats, and house music classical are well defined in Na Mela especially when the drop kicks in with all its explosion of sounds.

Together with HVMZA, Gaz Mawete, a legendary French artist, also put his own touch on the tune.

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Majnoon, Papa Deejay, Mert Demircioglu – Bosphorus Palace

Be ready to deep down into the Middle East with this incredible tune by Majnoon, Papa Deejay, and Mert Demircioglu.

As the name suggests, the track is inspired by the Ottoman palace in Beylerbeyi, Turkey, where music was a key pillar of everyday life. You’ll be immediately driven by the incredible flute melodies and the female chorus that will drive you into a state of inner well-being. The Arabic melodies fuse together with tribal and catchy percussions for an explosion of incredible harmonies and surprising beats.

Bosphorus Palace is produced by Majnoon, the Turkish duo and founder of Radio Instabul. Their goal is to interpret the values and culture of their people and spread them to the world through music. Bosphorus Palace combines oriental, ethnic, and spiritual sounds with a unique vision.

DJ Brahms, Jamal Ouassini – Mirage

Last but not least, DJ Brahms and Jamal Ouassini team up for a 10-track album, Mirage.

The album is a journey through ethical and organic house which kicks off with Passage. Arabic and mysterious vibes are mixed together to introduce the listener to the journey, which continues with Mirage, the title track. It includes more downtempo and raw beats with experimental sounds as well. The rhythm starts to become dark and serious with Nadà to go even deeper and eerie with Naiti. The electronic percussions of Medir put the track into a middle spot between downtempo electronic and ethnical house. Sabà starts to bring the beats back with a huge kick and sub-base. Everything is packed together with an ethereal chorus that let space to an almost full-packed percussion-driven record with Malik. Masai Vibes goes groovy and catchy with the iconic African vocal. Amazing brings the listener to the wide and huge spaces in Africa while keeping some traditional house music elements. Last but not least, Bushra closes down the album with experimental harmonies and raw percussions.

It has definitely been an incredible few weeks for Cafe De Anatolia with several releases and even a full album. The future looks bright for the label and we can’t wait to see what they’ve ready for us in the following weeks.

You can download Cafe De Anatolia newest release for the summer. You can also see interesting things about Cafe De Anatolia - Summer Club Mix 2022 by Nora Projekt

Title : Cafe De Anatolia - Summer Club Mix 2022 by Nora Projekt
Artist : Cafe De Anatolia
Duration : 02:20
Size : 3.2 MB
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19.Umannto - Arabian Flower
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21.Yohan & David - Game Over (Club Mix)

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