Candace Owens Says Black People Need To Wake Up To What Is Happening In The Community (VIDEO)

Black people need to “wake up” to the community’s problems. Something has gone wrong in the Black community, argued talk show host and activist Candace Owens.  This is a shift from the safer, family-orientated entertainment aimed at Black society in the 90s when television shows such as The Cosby’s presented positive images of African American people.

“I don’t know what happened then, but some time over the next couple of decades, that kind of TV left, and it was replaced with something else. It was replaced with violence,” said Owens.

The most popular show on TV for Black America is “Love & Hip Hop,” a show about aspiring to make it in the music industry despite sometimes coming from a tumultuous background.

The goal of success has shifted in the Black community. Who is behind this shift of values for the community? said Owens.

“Who’s trying to make us think that as minority Americans, we should be aspiring to be ballers and rappers and not lawyers and doctors,” said Owens.

America cannot be fixed unless minority Americans wake up to what is happening in their community. This can only be achieved through education.

Education has been suppressed in the Black community; for example, 70% of Black males in California cannot pass a literacy exam. This is happening across America. Marketing negative stereotypes to the Black community is how widespread brainwashing is done.

“You have to take your hat off and say something that the left and the liberals have done brilliantly; it’s marketing. They have a way of marketing things to us, and they sound amazing even if they are horrible,” said Owens

Such as pro-choice rights; however, Owens said as a result of legalized abortion, 19 million Black babies have been aborted since 1973. The Black population growth has stagnated

There are many ways minorities have oppressed themselves with their mindset and beliefs of Black victimization.

“If you believe that you can’t, you won’t,” argued Owens.