Catz ‘n Dogz NOW U CHART

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Download DJ Charts: Catz ‘n Dogz NOW U CHART

ARTIST(S): &ME, Rampa, Adam Port, RY X, Alinka, Robert Owens, ANOTR, Ardalan, Nala, Austin Ato, Catz ‘n Dogz, Megane Mercury, Chrissy, Danny B, Darling,, Deetron, edetto, Misty (EG), Obando, Matheo Velez, Overmono, Queer On Acid, Space Jump, Tom De Neef, Lazarusman

  1. &ME, Rampa, Adam Port, RY X – Feeling (Original Mix) (05:00)
  2. Alinka, Robert Owens – Midnight Ride (feat. Robert Owens) (Edit) (04:08)
  3. ANOTR – Black Box (Original Mix) (06:49)
  4. Ardalan, Nala – Habits Die Hard (Damon Jee Remix) (06:10)
  5. Austin Ato – When Love Is Drums (Original Mix) (03:18)
  6. Catz ‘n Dogz – NOW (Original Mix) (05:24)
  7. Catz ‘n Dogz, – U (Original Mix) (07:02)
  8. Catz ‘n Dogz, Megane Mercury – Kiki (Solomun Remix) (08:41)
  9. Catz ‘n Dogz, Megane Mercury – Toma (Riva Starr Back To Basics Mix) (06:48)
  10. Chrissy – Can’t You Feel It (Soundbwoy Killah Remix) (05:07)
  11. Danny B – Find Myself (Original Mix) (06:36)
  12. Darling, – The M Song (Prins Thomas Edit) (05:18)
  13. Deetron – Come On Back (Original Mix) (05:22)
  14. edetto – Make It Work (Original Mix) (04:54)
  15. Misty (EG) – Things (Original Mix) (05:34)
  16. Obando, Matheo Velez – Big Prize (Original Mix) (06:23)
  17. Overmono – Gunk (Original Mix) (05:14)
  18. Queer On Acid – Keep On Reaching (Original Mix) (05:50)
  19. Space Jump – Make It (Original Mix) (06:10)
  20. Tom De Neef, Lazarusman – Agenda (Bontan Remix) (05:13)

Total Playtime: 01:55:01 min

You can download Catz 'n Dogz NOW U CHART. You can also see interesting things about Aha COMPLETE Warrior Cats AU MAP EP

Title : Aha COMPLETE Warrior Cats AU MAP EP
Artist : Dakota_POP
Duration : 04:09
Size : 5.7 MB
Source : Youtube Music/Video
Type of file : Audio/Video (.mp3 .mp4)

WARNING: Blood, gore, and slight eye trauma.


I'm so so proud of everyone who's participated. The wait was so so worth it and I couldn't be happier with the final result! Thank you to the wonderful participants, backups, thumbnail contest participants, and YOU for watching! I've gained so many subscribers due to this AU, it's honestly crazy. Thank you all for being here every step of the way,, especially those who have known me since before Come Along was done.

So, what is this AU?
This follows Swiftpaw living after the dog attack because Fernpaw, Ashpaw, Thornpaw and Cinderpelt accompanied him and Brightpaw; and they won! However, Swiftclaw becomes a warrior and strongly dislikes the idea of Brambleclaw being deputy (as he wants more power, fears Tigerstar's reign, and let's be honest Bramble sucks) so he and his gang kill him. Swiftstar becomes leader after Firestar instead of Bramble, but he still feels extreme guilt after killing his half brother. His friends try their best to comfort him, saying the best he can do now is be the best leader he can be. However, Brambleclaw's StarClan spirit comes to Cloudtail to tell him what happened, and he gets angry and tries to confront him. However, Swiftstar panics and avoids the subject. Cloudtail tells his mate in the AU, Daisy, about Swiftstar, and the two of them alert all of ThunderClan about what he had done in the past; and shamelessly murdered him as a group, as he did to Brambleclaw. His deputy, Brightheart, becomes Brightstar, but ThunderClan refuses to have an ally of Swiftstar as their leader, despite her being granted her nine lives prior. Outraged, she attacks Cloudtail and flees ThunderClan with Thornclaw, Ashfur and Ferncloud.
What happens next, you may ask? You'll have to wait and see.


Intro. Larkspurrs
1. Ashwing
2. •Glitch •
3. Lil Lemonpie
4. justkayyzee
5. Willowbranch
6. Wed- NES- Day
7. You're here!
8. GreatSylveon 2007
9. Lauritonas
10. Rosia
11. Eksutin Swag
12. Rosia + Blue Dragon
13. Acornypun
14. Croodle
15. Flarethefiredragon
16. Malidrk Art

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