DaBaby addresses footage of him being repeatedly rejected by fan

DaBaby had a bit of an on-camera nightmare this week when footage showed him repeatedly trying to kiss a fan in the crowd who was having none of his clumsy attempts.

In a video posted to Twitter, the rapper can be seen greeting a crowd of fans outside a hotel. At the beginning of the video, he appears to be pulling himself out of the sea of grabbing hands before moving further through the crowd.

At that point, DaBaby appeared to randomly lock eyes with someone in the crowd before clasping his hands around their face. He looked at her for a brief moment before going in for a kiss with arms draped between the two.

While it was unclear where the arms were coming from, they appeared to rebuff the rap artist’s advance toward her. He smiled, as it was possibly unclear to him what was going on. The fan in question gave a brief shake of her head, giving a clear sign that the kiss wasn’t warranted before he went in for a second attempt.

If it wasn’t clear the first time, the fan then made it very clear the second time that the kiss wasn’t welcome. While the camera angle prevented us from getting a clear look at the fan’s face, their body language was a clear enough indicator that they were not wanting a kiss from DaBaby no matter how many times he tried.

Fans on social media naturally had a wonderful time mocking the rapper for this incident but he’s now made a post to insist that everyone has the wrong idea about what transpired.

Taking to Instagram Story, he wrote “Y’all go head on man… Me & my booboos love each other to death but ain’t no kissin goin on.”

Of course DaBaby would say that. As one hip hop Instagram account said, “DaBaby says he didn’t try to kiss anyone…. but that’s not what we saw,” alongside the eye looking emoji.

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