DL Hughley Explains How The World’s Wealth Is Unevenly Divided: 8 Billionaires Control More Than Half Of The Money (Video)

DL Hughley explained how the world’s wealth is unevenly divided. According to Hughley, 8 billionaires control more money than half of the earth’s population. Hugley said these 8 people do whatever it takes to stay in power.

Social media has brought cultural awareness to society and has been especially important in the Black community. Hughley said it had shed light on cases like George Floyd, a Black man in Minneapolis, Minnesota, killed by the police.

Flash forward, and now Elon Musk wants to purchase Twitter, said Hughley. According to the comedian, Musk’s purchase was about control. Those saying the billionaire’s Twitter purchase was for the cause of freedom is like saying the Civil War was fought over freedom, said Hughley.

“Most of the wealthy billionaires control the media, and now they control social media,” said Hughley.

He added that Musk made his purchase under the guise of freedom. However, White men are already free, argued Hughley.

“What freedom is it that wealthy white men don’t have. The only freedom they have, or do not have is the ability to say [the N word]. Without having their social media platforms suspended,” said Hughley.

While the rich White men are rallying for freedom, they are taking away the rights of others, such as a woman’s right to choose, the can’t say gay bill, or children learning about slavery in school, said Hughley.

“There is a reason that a powerful, wealthy men accrue media to control the message. It’s all about control,” said Hughley.

Musk wants to control social media because of the impact it has had on civil rights, said Hughley.

“I don’t care how cool you pretend to be, how much weed you smoke. Your ultimate end is to gain power and to control it. He’s not Abraham Lincoln. He’s not going to lead people to freedom. He’s trying to keep them ignorant and afraid, and Twitter is the apparatus. It is the club he will use to beat people with,” said Hughley.

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