DL Hughley Explains Why People Who Stockpile High-Capacity Weapons Are Bad Guys Waiting For Something To Happen (Video)

DL Hughley explained why people who amass high-capacity weapons are dangerous.

“I can’t tell you how many times since I’ve been doing this broadcast, we have had a mass shooting,” said Hughley.

Hughley said reportedly, another mass shooting has taken place. In Brooklyn, NY, a gunman allegedly entered a train and wreaked havoc on passengers. As many as ten people were shot.

“When people are gathering these high capacity weapons… They are a bad guy waiting to happen,” said Hughley.

According to Hughley, individuals do not warehouse guns and weapons unless they plan to do something dangerous, pray for conflict, or prepare for something bad to happen. It could be a work dispute, a lover’s quarrel, or even a race war. The reasons may vary, but the malicious intent behind weapons gathering remains the same.

“Whatever they are gathering these weapons for, they are gathering them for a purpose. They want to be ready for something,” said Hughley.

Hughley questioned why Americans need guns and weapon magazines. In the U.S., the gun epidemic is widely ignored. America is drug-infested and violence-prone argued Hughley.

“It’s actually harder to buy two packs of Sudafed than weapons and ammunition,” said Hughley.

It is so difficult to purchase cold medicine because of the notion that the consumer will engage in nefarious activities with the medication, such as manufacturing drugs, said Hughley.

However, Hughley informed that no one seems concerned if a person is gathering weapons. This is even more alarming because usually, the person hurt by the weapons collected is someone with a close relationship to the shooter, such as a spouse, explained Hughley.

The problem with violence in America is so common “it could be American’s pastime,” said Hughley.

“We can send a man to the moon. We can invent all kinds of things that are the envy of the universe, but we cannot stop a spate of mass shootings, and that is only because we’ve decided it’s not important enough,” said Hughley.

More Americans have perished at other Americans’ hands than in all of the combined wars.

“If you’re gatherings guns and ammunition, high capacity magazines, automatic weapons. If you’re gathering them up and a lot of ammunition. You’re not a good guy. You’re a bad guy waiting for a moment,” expressed Hughley.

Americans do not behave in a Christian way, added Hughley. “We do not feed the poor or protect them,” said Hughley.

According to Hughley, the direction of America can be determined based on the lack of action against mass shootings in schools.

“When America lets children be slaughtered in schools, and we’re more worried about slavery being taught in our schools than our children learning mass shooter drills, it tells you everything you need to know about the direction of this country. We have no will to do it. All we do is say a prayer, but the prayer isn’t for change… The prayer is that we hope it doesn’t happen to us or someone we love,” said Hughley.

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