Fontaines DC preview new album with fourth single “Roman Holiday”

“Roman Holiday” is the fourth track to be shared from Fontaines DC‘s new album, following “Skinty Fia”, “I Love You” and “Jackie Down The Line”.

Vocalist Grian Chatten says of the new track, “”Roman Holiday” makes me think of the wide streets of north London in the Summer and the urge to discover them at night time. The thrill of being a gang of Irish people in London with a bit of a secret language and my first flat with my girlfriend.”

Skinty Fia will follow Fontaines DC‘s 2020 second album A Hero’s Death.

They worked with producer Dan Carey for a third time, and the album title is an Irish expression which translates to “the damnation of the deer”.

“Roman Holiday” is out now. Fontaines DC’s Skinty Fia album will follow via Partisan Records on Friday (22 April), and is available to pre-order now.

You can download Fontaines DC preview new album with fourth single “Roman Holiday”. You can also see interesting things about Fontaines D C - Roman Holiday

Title : Fontaines D C - Roman Holiday
Artist : Fontaines DC
Duration : 04:29
Size : 6.16 MB
Source : Youtube Music/Video
Type of file : Audio/Video (.mp3 .mp4)

"Roman Holiday" taken from the new album, Skinty Fia, out now on Partisan Records:

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Director: Sam Taylor
Producer: Jordi Estape

Executive Producer: Precious Mahaga
Executive Producer: Sana Khan
Production Company: Agile Films
Directors' Rep: OB Management

First Assistant Director: Sam Roffey
Production Manager: Rowan Mackintosh King
Production Assistant: John Reavey
Runner/Driver: Sam Harvey

Director of Photography: Charlie Knight
First AC: Harry Coleman
Second AC: Jannick Fjeldsoe

Art Director: Finnian O'Sullivan
Stylist: Suzie Walsh

Editor: Sam Taylor
Colourist: Thomas Mangham
Post House: Black Kite

Baby come on get stoned get stoned
Get inside it inside it inside it inside
Get along get along get alone get alone
Heard about the week on the Dalymount seat yeah

Baby come on ‘fore the going gets gone
Heard you lied to the Major
Won’t be long
Well I wish upon a wedding for a picture in the star
When they knock for ya don’t forget who you are
Skinty Fia

Baby come on whose side are you on?
I don’t wanna see the queen
I already sing her song
While they’re snuffing out hopes and they’re blotting out suns
They claim to know the form in which genius comes

Baby come on get your high heels on
It’s the body is cold
It’s the course is run
What artless living all this soft pain thrills
What calamities usher all our brilliance to the hills!
Can you feel it?

Baby come on get stoned get stoned
Get inside it inside it inside it inside
Get along get along get alone get alone
Was it the weed or the moment that stoned ye?

Baby come on get the hourglass on
I will dart into town - no I won’t be long
If the talk’s getting cold, we’ll be chancing none
Well you know what I’m saying
Our day will come

Can you feel it?

Won’t be long

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