Hear the debut EP of Gold Plate Pipers, a new Jakarta jazz hop group and Matter Mos side project

Indonesian rapper Matter Mos‘ jazz-meets-hip-hop side project Gold Plate Pipers have released their self-titled debut EP.

Released on streaming platforms on June 24, Gold Plate Pipers’ first release is a four-track project that marries Matter Mos’ rhymes with smooth jazz. On the Kanye West-referencing track ‘Donda’s Sons’, he raps: “Gatekeeper of the flow / So phenomenally known / As the one who spoke on the microphone”.

Listen to Gold Plate Piper’s debut EP below.

Gold Plate Pipers are vocalist Matter Mos, jazz keyboardist Kenny Gabriel, drummer Rafi Muhammad and bassist Ankadiov. They first revealed their line-up last October in a special recorded performance for the label Berita Angkasa, and made their live debut earlier this year in March at the Lawn Canggu in Bali.

In statements on Matter Mos’ website, the group say they are “motivated by their ethos to ‘reflect & respond’ and that they aim to “create the sound that reflects Jakarta’s subterranean jazz-influenced hip-hop”.

Their moniker is inspired by the folk tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin, which they say is an analogy to how the Gold Plate Pipers have been “lured by the magic of music and follow its track”.

Gold Plate Piper’s release follows the June 15 re-release of Matter Mos’ most recent album, ‘Pronoia’ as ‘Pronoia 2.0’ on digital streaming platforms after an exclusive release on retailer The Store Front in October last year. Speaking to NME last year, Matter Mos compared the process of making the record to a “think tank ‘company’ that focuses on collective painting.”

“You have no clue what these paintings will be like, but you have [some idea]. So you experiment along the way; it’s like a bizarre mixture of Warhol and Pollock,” he explained. “It is very experimental and painstakingly hard to do, but it was fun. What’s life without a little bit of suffering?”

Matter Mos will return to the stage this weekend for the upcoming two-day event NW Live on June 25 and 26. He joins Tuan Tigabelas, Westwew, and more at concert promoter Noisewhore’s first event since February 2020.