Hybrid Rose Shares Single ‘Fantasy’

Hybrid Rose encourages you to dial 0800 3268279 on your push-button phone to spell out 0800 FANTASY — not so coincidentally the title of the Te Whanganui-a-Tara artist’s bumping new single. The trans electronic production mastermind behind Jeivenchy‘s new album Fatal Attraction maintains her winning streak with a racy and wry reflection on the notion of “changing for someone you love,” declaring robotically over shimmering tones “I can transform into whatever you want me to be… I’ll become your ultimate fantasy.” It’s a certified fact that phone songs always rule and ‘Fantasy’ is no exception. Written “from the perspective of an online girlfriend chatbot,” the futuristic bubblegum pop bop is the second song revealed from the prolific artist’s forthcoming fifth studio album HyperKunt. Dare you dial FANTASY and reveal your hidden desires?

‘HyperKunt’ launches on Friday 15th April.