‘Hyper Light Breaker’ will involve “community-focused” development

Hyper Light Breaker developer Heart Machine has shared that it will “return to a more community-focused development process” with the upcoming game, and revealed the game isn’t canonically a sequel to Hyper Light Drifter‘s story.

In a blog post shared yesterday (May 4), Heart Machine said that although it was happy with how last year’s Solar Ash turned out, “the [development] process deviated heavily from how we did things with Hyper Light Drifter, and ultimately, how we want to do things in the future.”

“We’ve decided, following the (we hope) exciting announcement of Hyper Light Breaker, to return to a more community-focused development process,” announced the studio.

As to what this means, Heart Machine said it will “engage with our wonderful players through regular blog posts, content drops, streams, events, contests, and perhaps even some in-person affairs!”

Though Heart Machine’s latest blog mostly focuses on the studio’s development process, it does share a little bit more on Hyper Light Breaker – which was announced last month.

Chronologically, Hyper Light Breaker “is neither a sequel nor a prequel to Hyper Light Drifter,” and is just set in the same universe. Heart Machine shared that it decided to return to the Hyper Light universe because “it felt right to come back in, root around, and share what we unearthed about this beautiful-yet-bleak world with everyone.”

Beyond Hyper Light Drifter, Heart Machine also said “we will also continue be a multi-project studio, so keep a look out for more new stuff from us in the not-too-distant future.”

In other gaming news, Sons Of The Forest has been detailed by developer Endnight Games.

A sequel to 2018’s The Forest, Sons Of The Forest will include changing seasons, even more cannibals to fend off, and a story about trying to find a missing person.