Jack Cullen links with Snøw to remind us that “It Doesn’t Matter”

It’s fitting that the bread and butter of Jack Cullen‘s career is chasing pure joy. Once a professional rugby player, he chose to yield that path in favour of a life in music – an unconventional turn that proved to be a healing force as he spent time recovering from surgery. Quickly, it became evident that this was his life force.

“I want to see the world in a positive way and help other people too,” Jack explains. “Flipping negatives into positives and spreading that message is what I’m here to do.”

The result of that fated venture is a distinctive style that prioritises hope and lust for life. In “It Doesn’t Matter”, Cullen acknowledges the myriad of ways a day’s path can derail – spilt coffee, running late, missed phone calls, and deadlines. Things can and will go wrong, but where would he be if they didn’t? As he launches into a repeated mantra reminding us that those things don’t matter, he delivers the definition of a sonic soother.

“”It Doesn’t Matter” is about all the small things in life…that just don’t matter. To put into perspective the little daily things that seem to go wrong, a celebration of those things like, spilling coffee on your t-shirt and getting caught in the rain,” he explains.

“When you’re with the people that you love and that love you, you’ll be alright. Having The Roots on this track still blows my mind! To have such hugely respected musicians who helped shape the world of music on a song I wrote…is amazing! Also linking up with Snøw again after ‘Spilled My Coffee’ has elevated ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ into a whole new world where it belongs!”

On the track, calm acoustics lead the way with easy, laidback vocals offering that reassurance that things will be okay. “It Doesn’t Matter” floats on the breeze, enveloping you in the warmth that stems from that intrinsically light-hearted outlook. It’s simple, calling on a chorus of voices to gently remind you of life’s joys. A fundamental love, affection, and zeal for every day is at the track’s centre.

For someone who found their musical beginnings in a high-spirited host of open mics in Ireland, that community and connection are at the core of his music. With a feature from lo-fi legend Snøw, The Roots co-producing, and Questlove himself lending his drumming skills, “It Doesn’t Matter” was ultimately born of collaboration. It’s only right that it feels akin to an inspiriting arm around the shoulder from a friend. It’s a track that makes you want to hold your mates close and your memories with them closer.

“It Doesn’t Matter” is out now. Find Jack Cullen on Instagram.

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