Limited tickets for Jawbreaker’s 4 Irving Plaza shows this week released!

Jawbreaker‘s (slightly belated) Dear You 25th anniversary tour got underway last month, and almost the whole thing has been sold out for a very long time, including all four of the NYC shows that happen this week: tonight (4/27) through Saturday (4/30) at Irving Plaza. However, if you weren’t able to get tickets, you’re in luck. A limited amount of tickets are back on sale now! Good luck!

All four shows are with The Linda Lindas (who are fresh off releasing their great debut album Growing Up via Epitaph) and comedian Chris Gethard, and they’ve also got Worriers on nights one and two and Shellshag on nights three and four.

You can download Limited tickets for Jawbreaker’s 4 Irving Plaza shows this week released!. You can also see interesting things about Tim How The Replacements Ruined Everything

Title : Tim How The Replacements Ruined Everything
Artist : Trash Theory
Duration : 24:08
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In 1985 The Replacements had the potential to become the next big thing. After four years of producing quality pop-coated hardcore, their major label debut Tim was supposed to be their next step, their leap into the mainstream. As stated in the album’s Rolling Stone review: “Tim... sounds as if it were made by the last real band in the world.” [Tim Holmes, Rolling Stone, November 1985] And in the face of new wave, electropop and the million made up faces of MTV, Replacements really did seem like the last bastions of that classic rock’n’roll sound, that lineage that went back through the Stooges via the Stones to Chuck Berry. With their previous albums Hootenanny and Let It Be, The Replacements had the sound. With "Kids Don't Follow," "Color Me Impressed," "Unsatisfied," "I Will Dare," "Left of the Dial," "Bastards of Young," and "Can't Hardly Wait" they had the songs; Nothing stood in their way other than themselves. This is the story of Tim and How The Replacements Blew It.

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Luar - Clouds (
Jesse Gallagher - The Inner Sound
Luar - Anchor (

00:00 Introduction
01:11 The Replacements Rip Off The Beatles
05:11 The Replacements Let Down The Music Industry
09:54 The Replacements Name a Record "Tim"
15:52 The Replacements Get Banned From SNL
19:48 And That Was The End of The Replacements

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