Lisa Kudrow Reacts to Ed Sheeran, Elton John’s ‘Friends’ Song Cover – Sounderground

Ed Sheeran, Elton John, Brandi Carlile and Courteney Cox are sitting around a piano. Only one of them is playing it. Who do you think it is? (Hint: The answer will probably surprise you.)

Last year, Cox recruited her three all-star musician pals to help her perform “Hold Me Closer Young Tony Danza,” a spoof on John’s classic hit “Tiny Dancer” originally sung by Lisa Kudrow’s character Phoebe Buffay on Friends. The quartet posted their performance to Cox’s Instagram, which Kudrow reacted to in her Thursday (March 31) appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Naturally, the host wasted no time in pointing out how funny it is that in spite of all the music legends in the room, Kudrow’s fellow Friends alumna was the one at the keys.


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“Favorite part of the video, gotta say, is she’s playing piano, not Elton John,” Clarkson laughed. “That’s bold!”

The video shows John’s arm wrapped around Cox, the two squeezing onto the piano bench alongside Sheeran. “Lisa Kudrow, this is for you,” the “Bad Habits” singer says, before the group — which is rounded out by Carlile in the back — launches into the song. “Hold me closer, Tony Danza” they sing in place of John’s actual lyrics.

“Ed Sheeran said my name!” Kudrow exclaimed to Clarkson. “I was so excited.”

Though she was touched by Cox and her makeshift band’s gesture, the 58-year-old actress did feel she had to correct the star-studded group on one thing. “They got it wrong,” she explained. “I had to say, ‘That’s amazing, but it’s hold me close young Tony Danza. I had to correct Sir Elton John on his tune.”

See Lisa Kudrow’s full reaction to Courteney Cox, Elton John, Ed Sheeran and Brandi Carlile’s “Tony Danza” video below: