Listen To Sin City’s Debut Album ‘Welcome To Sin City’

Sin City will be raising a glass tonight to toast the launch of Nick Armstrong and Jack Beesley‘s debut album Welcome To Sin City. Based in Tāmaki Makaurau, but conceived while the bar-crawling duo “found themselves quarantined in a sleazy flat in Alicante, Spain with only a guitar and piano,” the long player was recorded over a period of three days with none other than Lyttelton icon Delaney Davidson in the producer’s hotseat, who also jumped in on a variety of instruments. Whittled down from a staggering 126 demos to 13 rough diamonds (or should I say rhinestones?), Welcome To Sin City encompasses Vegas-ready soul, sorrowful country crooning, barn house rockin’ blues, plenty of tall tales and a whole lotta heartbreak, laid down with a crack band of “hired guns” including Dave Kahn, Alistair Deverick, John Segovia and more. Davidson explained the whole scenario in the accompanying liner notes — here’s an excerpt (head over HERE for the full lowdown)…

“Was there fist pumping? Was there cheap pizza? Was there a visit from a heavy-looking investor? Yes.

Were there tears? Were there ecstatic embraces? Were there long, shiny-eyed discussions about the vibes? No.
These were match-fit touring musicians, remember? Squarely in their domain.

And – as the songs piled up under the Nudie suit umbrella that united their work into some frankensteined collection of blue-eyed soul, chicha, balladeering rockers and drinking songs of love left behind – any deviation, any doubt, any questionable note or possible reason for further investigation was swept aside in the juggernaut drive and momentum of this squirrelly-eyed session, and a lone phrase emerged that gave it all an almost utilitarian clarity: “That’s Classic Sin City”. – Delaney Davidson

Welcome To Sin City is out now on limited edition vinyl LP via 1:12 Records, order your copy HERE.