Madonna has ‘important matters’ to discuss with Pope Francis – Music News

Madonna has requested a meeting with Pope Francis to discuss “important matters”.

The Ray of Light hitmaker took to Twitter on Wednesday to reach out to the head of the Catholic Church.

“Hello @Pontifex Francis -I’m a good Catholic. I Swear! I mean I don’t Swear! Its been a few decades since my last confession (sic),” she wrote. “Would it be possible to meet up one day to discuss some important matters? I’ve been ex-communicated 3 times. It doesn’t seem fair. Sincerely Madonna.”

Madonna offered no further details on the topics she wants to talk about with Pope Francis.

The 63-year-old star, real name Madonna Louise Ciccone, was raised Catholic.

However, she came under fire from religious groups in 1989 when she debuted Like a Prayer, as the accompanying music video contained Catholic symbolism, with the Vatican condemning the footage.

Following her daughter Lourdes’s birth in 1996, Madonna became involved in Kabbalah, though she reportedly still attends meetings and services at a Catholic institution known as an Opus Dei centre.

Representatives for the church have not yet responded to the singer.