Marc Rebillet to Star in “Talk Show Inside of a Sitcom” On Amazon Music –

You better watch Marc Rebillet’s new show or he will be very upset with you.

Coming this week to Amazon Music’s Twitch channel is a new biweekly show hosted by Rebillet, affectionately known as Loop Daddy. Titled We’ve Got Company, the program will feature special guests, gaming, audience interaction, and of course, some improvised performances from Rebillet and his friends.

Described by Rebillet as “a talk show inside of sitcom,” the first episode of We’ve Got Company will feature an appearance from the multimedia mastermind Flying Lotus filmed in the style of those classic, comforting TV shows. Considering the duo’s penchant for absurdity and Rebillet’s tendency to shed his clothing, we can already imagine how much the executives who green-lit the show will be sweating.