New Software Compensates Music Producers When DJs Play Their Songs In Clubs –

Unclaimed and unpaid public performance royalties could soon be a demon of the past.

DJ and music producer DVS1 recently launched Aslice to help alleviate the issues that come with public performances in clubs and venues around the globe. It operates on a donation-based system, so DJs can pledge a percentage of their gig fee to the songwriters and producers whose music they’re playing. The company recommends 5%, but more can be pledged and the figure won’t be disclosed.

Aslice’s beta testing in November 2021 had 100 DJs upload 110 playlists and 5,291 tracks. Of those tracks, 4,339 were accurately identified and matched, a clip of 82%. This equated to 2,213 producers receiving payments averaging $1.40 per song. The money that wasn’t able to be tracked will be donated to charities chosen by the Aslice community.