Okay Kaya Announces New Album, Shares Video for Lead Single “Spinal Tap”

Okay Kaya Announces New Album, Shares Video for Lead Single “Spinal Tap”

SAP Due Out November 4 via Jagjaguwar

Aug 04, 2022

Photography by Robin Hilleary

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Okay Kaya (aka Kaya Wilkins) has announced the release of a new album, SAP, which will be out on November 4 via Jagjaguwar. She has also shared a video for the album’s lead single, “Spinal Tap.” View the video, directed by Wilkins and Austin Lee, below, along with the album’s tracklist/cover art.

Wilkins states in a press release: “My writing process often begins with images in lieu of words. What if you’re tree-juice? How far along the stem do you have to ride before you get away from your parents and realize you’re the tear of this person and the blood of this person? I see a vision in my mind’s eye and take it from there. Austin has such a profound visual sensibility. Together, we translated many of my drawings. They became a wonderful invitation into his world. We developed this mascot, SAP, an alternate version of self.

“Sometimes I need very scientific black and white explanations of bodily functions that I need to remember to do, like sleep. It’s a cantilever for my sappiness. SAP is an image abstract enough for me to fit my funny little life into. One might even say it ‘resinates.’ I wrote ‘Spinal Tap’ because you may have believed your brain as an impermeable slate and your dreams as strictly food for Freudian thought but according to a science.org article from 2019 on CSF fluid, ‘large oscillations of fluid inflow to the brain appeared during sleep and were tightly coupled to functional magnetic resonance imaging signals and entrained to electroencephalogram slow waves. Slow oscillatory neuronal activity thus leads to oscillations in blood volume, drawing cerebrospinal fluid into and out of the brain.’”

In 2020, Wilkins released the album Watch This Liquid Pour Itself.

SAP Tracklist:

1. Mood into Object Personified
2. Jolene From Her Own Perspective
3. Origin Story
4. Jazzercise
5. Pathologically Yours
6. Spinal Tap
7. Inside of a Plum
8. Rorschach
9. In Regards to Your Tweet
10. Dep. Chamber
11. Pearl Gurl
12. The Lesson
13. I’ve Spent Forever Planning A Crisis
14. Like a Liver
15. Weltschmerz

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