Poppy Ajudha – The Power In Us

Into that world comes The Power in Us, the long awaited debut from Poppy Ajudha. Born of a ridiculously fertile South London scene where it’s second nature for artists to mix genres, it’s no surprise to find that Poppy creates an eloquent genre fluid blend of jazz, R&B, soul, rock and pop. This music may sometimes be Jazz FM friendly but it’s no clunky compromised hybrid.

The lyrical and emotional range of The Power in Us will be familiar to anyone who’s followed Ajudha’s Strong Woman podcast, it’s an album that recognises the blurring of the line between the personal and the political but successfully skates around the dual pitfalls of dour preachiness and easy platitudes that all too often claim lesser artists.

Demonstrating these qualities from the start, the spine tingling righteous fury of “Play God”, complete with guitar freak-out curveball, delivers its message concerning the ever present threat to abortion rights in the United States (and elsewhere) with a passionate clarity that leaves a lasting impact. Meanwhile “Demons” goes deep into the personal, strings soothe while backing vocals verge on gospel territory, it’s naked lyrical honesty swept up in a soul-stirring climax.

By the time previous single “London’s Burning” rolls around to once again work its sparsely melancholic magic, a lot of musical and emotional ground has been covered in a relatively brief 31 minutes. If there is a criticism it’s probably that seven actual songs is edging a little close to skimpy, however this seems to be in service to keeping the structure tight rather than an indication of a lack of killer material.

There’s an elegant gravity of thought on display throughout The Power In Us, but nevertheless it’s still an album to enjoy rather than a lecture, even the interludes add and support rather than detract and spoil the flow. Like any art that rises above ‘merely’ being technically skilled in order to speak personal truth to power, it will annoy all the right people while providing empowerment for those willing to listen; the choice is yours.

You can download Poppy Ajudha - The Power In Us. You can also see interesting things about Poppy Ajudha - PLAYGOD

Title : Poppy Ajudha - PLAYGOD
Artist : Poppy Ajudha
Duration : 03:54
Size : 5.36 MB
Source : Youtube Music/Video
Type of file : Audio/Video (.mp3 .mp4)

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Director - Emmanuelle Soffe
Executive Producer - Trine Pillay
Producer - Ella Kenny
Production company - New Land
Production Manager - Nycollas Abreu
Runner - Ashen Page
Runner - Kailash Bhart
1st Assistant Director - Harry Guest
Director of Photography - Deon Van Zyl
Focus Puller - Klim Jurevicius
Camera Trainee - Harry Bonham Carter
Steadicam Op - Ben Carrier
Gaffer - Massimo Fillipi
Electrician/Spark - Charlie Ring
Production Designer - Alan Scott
Stylist - Frankie Noller
MUA - Kareem Jarche
MUA Assistant: Molly Whitely
Hair stylist - Aiden Darcy
Movement Director - Kane Klendijan
Movement Director - Angelica Wolanska
Cast styling - Rosie Sykes
Cast: Baby Jay
Precious Oluwafemi Aryibi
Abi Asisa
Claudia Cumberbath
Sophie Halstead
Camay Milan
Kaajel Patel
Niamh Woods
Tilly Woodward
Karen Aloba
Edit: Ella Oliver
Grade: Vlad Barin

Many thanks to Emmyland and David at Blundell Studios.

Sister stand up
For what you believe
I hear anarchy
in the way you speak
Teach her not to give up
Only how to seek
Ain’t no anarchy
in the way they cheat

Sister stand up
for what you believe
Fight the power
Or die at their feet
I know they don’t see what you see
But don’t fight the people
For being sheep

God are the men who make you pay
God are the men who force your way
Play God is the image that he made
To make you obey
Play God Play God
He plays god
He plays god

Brother stand up
Admit to what you do
This complex ain’t helping me or you
Changing the world starts with you
Don’t tell me you don’t know what you do

Brother listen up
She’s tryna tell you
This systems failed us both it’s true
Time to wise up
You know it’s over due
Stuck in limbo can’t follow through

God are the men who make you pay
God are the men who force your way
Play God is the image that he made
To make you obey
Play God Play God
He plays god
He plays god

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