PREMIERE: Medii Releases Fantastic ‘Replica Red’ EP

With the odds arguably stacked against them geographically, producers Ari Kyle and Adam Lilley (L.A. and London respectively) initially connected through a couple of shared comments on soundcloud. This led to a DM conversation, the revelation they were both working with releases on the same record label and realization of a shared ideology and outlook on music production and the wider music industry as a whole,  eventually evolvIing into Medii. From releasing music under both major and independent labels, to winning International Songwriting competitions as well as winning over new listeners with each offering, Medii is providing a soundtrack to both the moments in life worth celebrating and those that encourage careful introspection.

Now, Medii is in the midst of a defining season of releases. Made up of three parts, ‘Binary Blue’, ‘Replica Red,’ and ‘What If This Is All Real’ – the two EP’s and final LP brings listeners through an extensive, dynamic sonic adventure that arcs across several weeks.

We are excited to premiere their highly anticipated ‘Replica Red‘ EP that truly showcases just how talented Medii are. The songwriting is top notch as is the productions, spanning a variety of genres with exceptional sounds incorporated throughout. Whether it’s the blissful melodies of “My Mind’s Escaping“, the summer time vibe of “Precious Time“, or the anthemic feel of “For Life“, Medii created a result that is spectacular. They even covered Post Malone’s “Circles” that provides an entirely new side of the track, perfectly meshing their style with that of Post Malone.

Closing out the EP is “Precious Time” and is perhaps the most soulful out of all the collection of songs. The vibe ironically has a ‘end credits’ feel to it – containing both a reflective essence to it while maintaining a chipper emotional state.

What If This Is All Real will be the final chapter of Medii cohesive rollout, slated to be an awe-inspiring ending to a project they’ve put their all into.

If a single track is like a good movie, then an album is a 14 episode mini series. Creating an emotional journey over a single track is possible, but only an album can tell the whole story. – Medii

Listen below!