Premiere: Nick Leng Shares New Singles, “My Mind Is a Mess In the Morning” and “Morning / Midnight”

Premiere: Nick Leng Shares New Singles, “My Mind Is a Mess In the Morning” and “Morning / Midnight”

Out Now Via SOTA Records

Mar 31, 2022

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In 2020, South African indie soul singer/songwriter Nick Leng released his debut LP Lemons, arriving in the wake of a series of devastating losses. Last year, Leng returned, adding to his lush neo-soul stylings with his new singles, “One More Time” and “Fine Little Rhythm,” the former of which we premiered. Today Leng is back with his first pair of releases of this year, “My Mind Is a Mess In the Morning and “Morning / Midnight,” premiering with Under the Radar.

After the potent swaggering grooves of his last two singles, Nick Leng has pivoted to new sounds and textures with his latest efforts. His new singles reflect an artist in flux, growing in exciting new directions.

Leng describes, “My last album LEMONS was released right before the pandemic hit. I moved back to my parents in Northern California for months, then to a trailer Park in Topanga, and since then have moved two more times in LA. These sudden changes sent me into both a personal and a musical spiral, where I really struggled to write and create. On the flip side, with the world slowing down I was forced to figure out how to find joy again making music with new and unstable confines. I started writing at the piano again, found new ways to be playful with the production process. As the world slowly returned to a degree of normalcy, I spent a lot of time djing and finding new interesting music. I think this really helped me with writing lyrics and production.”

“My Mind Is a Mess In the Morning” is a stirring, dramatic piano ballad, one that ascends to cinematic heights in its latter half as Leng is joined by soaring harmonies and massive drums. The track feels like waking to a brand new day, full of limitless possibility and hope. Meanwhile, “Morning / Midnight” begins with swirls of harmonica and a fractured chopped-up piano sample before it transitions into a more subtle and textured beat, driven by a pulsating bassline. If “My Mind Is a Mess In the Morning” captured the dramatic joy of the sunrise, “Morning / Midnight” instead dives into the dark seduction of the preceding night.

Leng says of the tracks, “I’ve always had trouble writing quotes that summarize songs. It feels like the words can put songs in boxes, and possibly snuff out any personal interpretation a listener might have. In a similar way, when I was finished with ‘My Mind is a Mess in the Morning,’ and was thinking about releasing it as a single, it really excited me to pair it with ‘Morning / Midnight.’ They’re equally important to me, and, one might say, quite different. together, I felt like they painted a better picture of what I’m trying to say.

‘My Mind is a Mess in the Morning’ was written while I was living in Topanga in a trailer park which, subsequently, (and arguably hilariously) became rat-infested prompting a hasty departure. ‘Morning / Midnight’ was started there as well. One late night when I was chopping up a classical piano improvisational piece I had recorded, on a sampler. There’s a video on my Instagram of me playing the melodica in the intro in the morning and the sun peeked through that ended up in the final version. I had considered dividing that intro, with the chopped piano and the ‘second part’ when the beat comes in, into two songs, but the journey of the intro, and duality and sensation of when the bass and kick comes in, had a real story to it that it cemented the conviction that it’s one idea.”

He says of the plan to release the tracks as double singles, “My initial plan was for ‘My Mind is a Mess in the Morning’ to be released as a single, but it didn’t feel right as a stand-alone piece. I also loved the duality of these two sitting next to each other. Sitting opposite each other like two opposing colors.

‘My Mind is a Mess in the Morning’ was written after a conversation I had with my collaborator Mike Del Rio. I was, quite honestly, whining about my state of affairs. He simply responded with “write about it then”. A couple days later I sat down to write, hit record on my phone, and the whole song just spilled out. I started using a lot more hardware gear with the new music too, as well as sampling some of my classical improvisations.

Check out the songs below, out now via SOTA Records.

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