Prismo and Elle Vee Join Forces for Breathtaking Single, “Ignite” –

In a collision of electronic music bravura, Prismo and Elle Vee have joined forces for a riveting single called “Ignite.”

“Ignite” arrives by way of Lost In Dreams, a record label launched by Insomniac to focus on future bass, melodic dubstep and electronic pop music. It’s the first single in two years for the versatile Prismo, whose brushstroke is as fluid and formidable as ever.

Serenaded by a dark and sultry guitar riff, the production of “Ignite” is slow-burning until an electrifying drop takes hold with a gripping bass patch. It’s here where the intensity of the track’s lyrical elements align with its heart-racing sound design, exploring the difficulties of resuscitating the spark of a moth-eaten relationship with a partner.