Rachel Mae Hannon reveals new video, “Work It Out” – Sounderground

Rachel Mae Hannon is an Irish artist that I recently found out about. The emerging singer-songwriter and producer has a new single (and video) which I feel is a perfect introduction to her style.

“Work It Out” is a bright soul/pop song dressed in marvelous production.

Speaking about the track, Rachel commented: “‘Work It Out’ is about being in a relationship and knowing you have underlying issues to sort out, but delaying them to enjoy the present moment instead. With all of my tracks, I try to add my personal viewpoint on universal situations. The lyrics for ‘Work It Out’ came naturally as procrastination seems to feed into my day to day life, as well as my relationships.”

Her debut single “Be In Love” helped place her in a class of exciting newcomers. Connect with Rachel Mae Hannon on Instagram.