Rosie Carney announces second album with lead single “dad”

“dad” is Carney’s first new material since last summer’s “Party Dress”, and is accompanied by a Wolf James-directed video that stars John Bell (Outlander, The Hobbit).

Carney says of the video, “I wanted to create the narrative of a young person journeying back to their authentic self after being trapped and lost within this loud world. It was emotional watching John relate to this and bring it to life. He choreographed the dance sequence himself and there wasn’t an ounce of his mind and spirit that he held back. It’s become a real testimony to our friendship.”

i wanna feel happy will follow her 2019 debut record Bare, and 2020’s full cover album of Radiohead’s The Bends. i wanna feel happy was co-produced by Carney and JMAC (Luz, Matilda Man, Haux) at London’s RAK Studio.

“Once I started playing around with The Bends songs, I realised I was pretty capable of taking my music in whichever direction I wanted to,” Carney explains. “I’ve always been a fan of shoegaze, lofi, indie and classic rock music, I just didn’t think it was possible to combine those sounds with my own music. Besides Radiohead I listened to alot of Big Thief, FKA Twigs, Foglake, Slow Dive, David Bowie to name a few while I was making my demos for this album.”

Carney adds, “Initially it felt like the music world had given folk the cold shoulder during the pandemic. Everything became lo-fi bedroom pop – which is fine – but I was afraid that if I continued to make the music that came most naturally to me, no one would be interested in what I had to say or sing. When Folklore was released, it was like a ‘holy shit’ moment because it just really reinforced the fact that I’m allowed to write the music that I want to write, I’m allowed to be a storyteller in my lyrics if I want to. It was like oh shit yeah, being authentic is way cooler.”


  1. i hate sundays
  2. break the ground
  3. dad
  4. chihiro
  5. ceiling
  6. tidal wave
  7. sugar
  8. time waits for no waiting room
  9. send me home
  10. i wanna feel happy
  11. blame it on the sun
“dad” is out now. Rosie Carney‘s i wanna feel happy album will land on 27 May via Color Study.

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