Sam Fender Criticised For Johnny Depp Meet | News

Sam Fender is facing criticism after meeting up with actor Johnny Depp.

The actor has spent the past few months locked in legal proceedings against his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Strangely, the run up to the verdict has seen Johnny Depp join legendary guitarist Jeff Beck on tour – the two appeared onstage together in Sheffield, for example.

The verdict of the trial was announced last night – June 1st – with Johnny Depp being awarded $10 million in compensation; for her part, Amber Heard was awarded $2 million.

Bizarrely, Johnny Depp seems to have spent the evening of the verdict out on the tiles in Newcastle, with the actor, Jeff Beck, and a worse-for-wear Sam Fender spotted in a pub together.

Sam Fender took a selfie, which he then posted to IG Stories alongside the phrase: “Some serious heroes”.

Some fans, however, were shocked:

Sam Fender’s song ‘Seventeen Going Under’ became a huge trend on TikTok, and the North East songwriter spoke about this with Radio X at the time:

“It wasn’t just TikTok itself that blew my mind, it was context in which people were sharing the songs. There were kids who’d overcome, you know, domestic violence and stuff like that in their families and looking back on it from a stronger place. It was empowering for a lot of people. That was that was something that I was really proud of.”

Sam Fender hasn’t commented further on the picture; he supports The Killers at London’s emirates stadium on Friday (June 3rd).

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