Soup! Share Indie Pop Belter ‘Only Time’ | News

South Manchester Soup! have shared new single ‘Only Time’.

The band recently broke cover with their debut single, a thrilling helter-skelter indie pop journey.

Follow up ‘Only Time’ takes Soup! to a new level, and it’s a punchy blend of choppy funk’d up guitars and breezy vocals.

‘Only Time’ puts us in mind of The Orielles or even New Zealand’s Flying Nun lineage, with its neat indie pop minimalism arriving in compact, addictive fashion.

Reminiscent of those early Orange Juice singles on Postcard but with a burst of originality in its veins, ‘Only Time’ is a refreshing alternative to the stodgy post-punk clogging up our airwaves.

Singer Matthew Beswick divulges…

“The lyrics recollect memories of early childhood performances and the reluctance to perform. These reflections clash with society’s current need for attention, validation and attempts to gain both through self-promotion and performance.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Amy Whittingham