Sparks at the Lincoln Theatre, Washington, D.C., 3/26/22


Sparks at the Lincoln Theatre, Washington, D.C., 3/26/22,

Mar 31, 2022

Photography by Hays Davis

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As part of the biggest run of North American dates in their career, Sparks found a wildly receptive audience for their sold-out show Washington DC’s Lincoln Theatre. On a roll following last year’s well-received The Sparks Brothers documentary and their soundtrack to the film Annette, singer Ron Mael and keyboardist Russell Mael led their band through a setlist that moved freely through their five decades of recording.

The Maels are as fun and fascinating as ever to watch live, with Russell moving constantly around the stage while Ron is firmly positioned at his keyboard and watching the audience. Russell’s telling of how they changed the band’s name after the release of their first album, from Halfnelson to Sparks, brought a near-smile to the otherwise stoic Ron. This led to “Wonder Girl” from their 1971 debut album, which was but one example of Russell’s startling vocal abilities as he soared easily to and from his falsetto that is prominent in some of their work.

“Under the Table with Her” and “Get in the Swing” looked back to 1975’s Indiscreet album, with a back line of guitar, bass, drums, and a second keyboard giving “Swing” all the punch of their work during that period. While “I Predict” brought their ’80s energy, 2002’s Lil’ Beethoven album was well represented throughout the set, leading Russell to admire himself in a mirror while singing “I Married Myself.”

As the crowd bounced to “The Number One Song in Heaven,” the selectively dynamic Ron rose, removed his jacket, and broke into dance, much to the delight of all. The audience also erupted when Ron took center stage for his spoken vocals on “Shopping Mall of Love.” With the band moving through key late-period songs such as “Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me)” and “Stravinsky’s Last Hit” as well as 1974’s “Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth,” it was a set loaded with highlights.

Russell brought the entire floor to its feet with “Music You Can Dance To” before “The Rhythm Thief” followed its lyrical subject and abruptly shifted the tone, with Russell singing, “Oh no, where did the groove go?” The high-energy electronic drive of “When Do I Get to Sing ‘My Way’” had everyone up again and unable to keep still.

A joyous performance at the end of the main set of “This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us” brought Sparks back to the song that led to their early UK fame. An encore of the hilarious “Suburban Homeboy” (“Props to our peeps and please keep your receipts,” sang Russell) and a moving “All That” closed the show, with one audience member excitedly noting that Sparks had been their first concert decades ago. Considering how the Maels are as creatively busy as ever these days, here’s hoping that live shows will continue to be part of their focus.

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