Steve Gorman Sues The Black Crowes Over Unpaid Royalties

The drummer alleges he has been denied repeated requests to examine the band’s finances.

By Scott Bernstein Mar 31, 2022 11:14 am PDT

Drummer Steve Gorman filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against former The Black Crowes bandmates Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson and “The Black Crowes Partnership” accusing the pair of withholding back royalties and his fair share income from past tours. Gorman made the move after previous requests to inspect the band’s finances were denied.

Chris Robinson, Rich Robinson, Steve Gorman and Johnny Colt formed “The Black Crowes Partnership” back in 1991 as per Rolling Stone’s report. The legal partnership was tasked with collecting royalties for the band since that time. Gorman, a founding member of The Black Crowes who last performed with the group in 2014, is claiming breach of contract. The drummer feels he’s missed out on royalty payments and other monies he may be owed. With his requests to look at The Black Crowes’ finances rejected, Gorman has been unable to figure out the exact amount he is due.

“For more than five years, my attorneys and I have made repeated requests to review the Partnership’s books to confirm the accuracy of royalty payments and my share, but Chris and Rich have consistently ignored my rights under the Partnership Agreement,” Gorman explained in a statement issued to Rolling Stone. “I regret that it has come to this, as I remain incredibly proud of the music we created as a band, but their conduct has left me with no choice but to ask a court to order them to give me this information, which I’m entitled to under our partnership agreement and the law.”

“Mr. Gorman’s rights under the partnership agreement are crystal clear,” added Gorman’s attorney Michael Mortenson. “He is entitled to review the partnership’s financial information and confirm his earnings, but our repeated requests to do so have been denied.”

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Steve Gorman initially departed The Black Crowes in 2001. The drummer went on to participate in various tours with the group between 2005 and 2014. He detailed his time in the band for the 2019 memoir Hard To Handle – The Life And Death Of The Black Crowes.

Chris and Rich Robinson ended a long feud in 2019 and planned a 2020 tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Black Crowes’ 1990 debut studio album, Shake Your Money Maker. The tour was postponed due to the pandemic and finally took place last year and has been extended into this year. While no other former members of the band were originally slated to participate, bassist Sven Pipien rejoined the group in time for the 2021 jaunt.