Thai singer Flower.far releases soulful debut single ‘Like a Fool’

Thai singer-songwriter Flower.far has released her debut single titled ‘Like A Fool’.

The single, which was produced by Flower.far and MENO, dropped on May 2. In its music video, Flower.far dances and intermittently watches a video of a man walking away from her. “You lay down, take my hands in a bed / You say I’m a girl you never had / Oh baby, Please don’t make me crazy / You think I’m like a fool?” Flower.far questions on the soulful pop tune.

Watch the music video for ‘Like A Fool’ below.

‘Like A Fool’ is Flower.far’s first single, and her first release under label Yupp! Entertainment – home to artists Autta and MILLI. Flower.far was signed to the label as a trainee in October last year.

Flower.far’s debut was announced on Yupp!’s social media channels last month in an interview where the young artist shared her thoughts on songwriting and making her debut for the label.

“The most challenging thing for me is to think about my own music and making something unique [fans] have never heard before,” she said, revealing she had felt pressure to write songs when she first began training but learnt to enjoy the feeling as “pressure doesn’t help with anything”.

Flower.far covered Thai artist Ink Warunton‘s single ‘ดีใจด้วยนะ (Congratulations)’ late last month as a part of the label’s Yupp!Cover series.