The Big Pink End 10 Year Hiatus With ‘No Angels’ | News

Today, April 27th, The Big Pink have returned from their decade-long hiatus with brand new single ‘No Angels’.  

The Big Pink made their breakthrough in the noughties, best known for the tongue-in-cheek classic ‘Dominos’. Now, the electro-rock band have returned with the indie-pop, shoegaze-tinged ‘No Angels’, which sees a return to their origins.

Produced by Tony Hoffer, the track explores the melancholy of feeling far away from home, yearning to return to feelings of comfort and safety.

The inspiration for ‘No Angels’ came when Robbie Furze, multi-instrumental for The Big Pink and one of the band’s founding members discovered ‘Light On’ by American band Bad Cop, and instantly fell in love.

The single’s release is accompanied by a music video harkening back to an aesthetic easily identifiable as The Big Pink. Directed by Simon Milner and Ashley Rommelrath, the band perform on a dark and dingy stage lit by strobe lights, with cameras glitching to insert glimpses of the past.

Speaking on ‘No Angels’, Furze explains…

“It’s a track reflecting that moment when you understand that all you’ve set your sights on has led to a place far away from where you should be and everything you truly love. It took sacrificing everything I’d built in London and moving to Los Angeles, a place I thought I needed to be in order to achieve my dreams, for me to realise that it was about much more than just myself. I had a moment of clarity when I understood what’s truly important and what I needed to do to get back to everything and everyone that I loved. That’s what this song is about.”

Tune in now.

Words: Gem Stokes

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