The Decemberists’ Colin Meloy Launches Substack Newsletter

Read an excerpt from Colin’s ‘Welcome To The Machine Shop’ post.

By Nate Todd Mar 31, 2022 3:52 pm PDT

The Decemberists frontman Colin Meloy recently launched a Substack titled The Machine Shop. The newsletter will see the singer-songwriter and author sharing new music and written stories, connecting with fans and more.

Colin crafts the aptly named The Machine Shop from the machine shop on his farm outside of Portland, Oregon. Along with offering “new music, unreleased demos, personal journal entries, original written stories, serialized fiction, and appreciations and analyses of songs by other artists,” as per press a press release for the new Substack, Meloy will also use The Machine Shop as a forum to connect directly with fans via “comment sections, discussion threads, and unique audio and video features.” The Substack boasts design and illustrations from Colin’s wife and renowned illustrator Carson Ellis.

Meloy detailed The Machine Shop Substack in his first post on the platform:

Here, I’ll be yanking some of my old songs off the shelf and laying them bare for you to see, showing the guts of the things, the weird lattice that makes them what they are. But not just my own songs; I’ll be carefully unbolting the casings on songs that I love and admire, putting them on the workbench (being careful to remember the order in which they’d been disassembled), and seeing what makes them tick…

I hope to create a better connection between myself and you, dear reader, one that is outside of the ad-driven, corporate-sponsored, algorithm-dominated social media space. So: welcome to The Machine Shop. Make yourself at home. Don’t mind the rust and the dust. Everything’s a work in progress here.

Head here to check out Meloy’s full welcome post and more.

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