The original KISS logo from 1973 is going up for sale

KISS have one of the most recognisable logos in music and now one lucky fan is going to get their hands on their original logo from all the way back in 1973. 

As reported by Ultimate Classic Rock, an original sketch of the band’s logo by guitarist Ace Frehley is going up for auction for a cool $50,000. That’s just the starting bid, however, so that amount will likely rise.

“Ace designed the logo in early 1973 using graph paper in order to properly draw out the perfect proportions in a consistent scale,” the item’s description states. “The logo needed to be created for obvious band identity reasons but Ace also thought a logo was needed for the purpose of selling a potential pinback button as a piece of merchandise or as a giveaway memento to friends, family, crew members, and supporters of the upcoming band at early Kiss club shows.

This is why the artwork was taped by Ace to a button for the sake of example; he basically built a prototype button to show the other band members in order to get everyone’s feedback and approval. As for condition, the paper of the artwork is super delicate because it’s going on 50 years old.

The paper is frail and was never kept as a collectible so there’s tiny tears all around the edges. Due to its fragility, the button will be shipped to the new owner within a mylar sleeve inside a mini plastic case.”

It’s been a good time for rock n’ roll auctions recently. Earlier this month, it was announced that several incredible Kurt Cobain items – including his guitar from the iconic ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ music video – were being put up for sale.

If you fancy lodging a bid for the original KISS logo, you can do so for the next 10 days over at Gotta Have Rock and Roll.

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