Trevor Noah Talks To Senator Chris Murphy About Finding Common Ground On Gun Control Laws (VIDEO)

Trevor Noah talked to Senator Chris Murphy about finding common ground on gun laws. Noah asked Murphy if he felt like he was up against an immovable force. Noah says there does seem to be some change from Republicans concerning a bipartisan movement for better gun control in America.

“It does feel often like Deja vu repeating itself, 10 years I’ve been at this. The American public has made up its mind; there is nothing in this country more popular as changing the gun laws to make our kids safer,” said Murphy.

Many Americans support safer gun control laws such as background checks for those who wish to purchase firearms. However, he added that the gun lobbyists and gun rights activists prove to be formidable adversaries.

However, there does seem to be a shift in the mindset of lawmakers concerning gun control laws. Murphy said he spoke with 10 or 12 Republicans and Democrats who claim they are trying to pass something that will save lives.

Part of the shift seems to be the cataclysmic mass shooting that happened recently, and over the last 10 years, those that fight for anti-gun legislation have built a powerful movement that is just as strong as the NRA, said Murphy.

The only problems concerning safer gun laws are coming from the Republican Party. Senate Democrats agree on things like expanded background checks, said Murphy. The problem with the Republican Party is that many believe that to win a Republican primary, candidates feel they need the support of gun lobbyists.

“Not just because the money that comes from groups like the NRA, but because associating yourself with the gun industry has become kind of a proxy for a broader set of conservative values,” said Murphy.

Mass shootings plague America. Since the shooting in Texas, there has been an additional 18 mass shootings in the United States. Better laws such as the red flag laws would help. These laws allow guns to be temporarily taken away from kids like the guy in Uvalde, Texas. Also, strengthening background checks will help the situation.

Getting services to at-risk children is also part of the initiative, especially in cities where poverty often leads to violence.

“It’s not everything I want, but it would be the most significant set of gun reforms really for 30 years, and we’re closer than ever to getting it done,” said Murphy.