Trump Uses New York Subway Shooting to Bash Letitia James

Sixteen people were injured, 10 from gunshot wounds, last Tuesday morning after a man named Frank James allegedly opened fire in the New York City subway. The news of the attack and images of its bloody aftermath horrified New Yorkers. Donald Trump, no longer a New Yorker, took it as an opportunity to attack New York Attorney General Letitia James for investigating the Trump Organization’s financial practices.

“With the horrible Subway Shootings and Violent Crime in New York being at an all-time high, where people are afraid to walk the streets, the racist and highly partisan Attorney General of New York State, failed Gubernatorial candidate Letitia James, should focus her efforts on saving the State of New York and ending its reputation as a Crime Capital of the World, instead of spending millions of dollars and utilizing a large portion of her office in going after Donald J. Trump and the Trump Organization,” he wrote in a statement on Monday.

Trump has long been going after James, who has long been investigating whether the Trump Organization illegally inflated the value of some of its properties in order to secure loans, while at the same time under-representing their values for tax purposes. James in January implicated Trump himself in the alleged fraud — alleging that he signed a document claiming his Trump Tower apartment was three times larger than it actually is — as part of an effort to compel testimony. Last month, James filed a motion to hold Trump in contempt for failing to produce documents requested by her office. “Instead of obeying a court order, Mr. Trump is trying to evade it,” she wrote. “We are seeking the court’s immediate intervention because no one is above the law.”

James’ office responded to Trump’s attack on Monday in a statement. “The courts have ruled time and time again that the office’s investigation into Mr. Trump and his financial dealings is lawful, and Attorney General James will continue to follow the facts and the law wherever they may lead,” a spokesperson wrote.

Trump has repeatedly attacked James and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, who is also investigating the Trump Organization, as “racist.” James and Bragg are both Black. He did it again on Monday, and prior to that, as recently as … Easter Sunday. “Happy Easter to failed gubernatorial candidate and racist Attorney General Letitia James,” Trump wrote in a statement. “May she remain healthy despite the fact that she will continue to drive business out of New York while at the same time keeping crime, death, and destruction in New York!”

Despite Trump’s attempts to portray New York City as a hellscape of violent crime, murder and other major felonies are down significantly since his pal Rudy Giuliani was the city’s mayor.