White Lies cancel Paris show after equipment was “detained by Brexit legislation”

Yesterday (7 April), White Lies shared a statement announcing the cancellation of their show at Paris’ Le Trabendo after their equipment got held up in the UK due to “Brexit legislation”.

White Lies wrote, “To our dear fans here in Paris, we and our crew have arrived safely this morning to start our European tour. But our equipment has been detained by Brexit legislation leaving England, along with countless other trucks.”

“We are aware this happened to [an]other British band last week,” White Lies continued. “We’re devastated to say that without our equipment we do not have a show, and tonight has to be cancelled and rescheduled.”

Instead of playing the show, White Lies encouraged fans to join them for “commiseration drinks” at a bar called BarOurcq. They wrote on Twitter, “Thanks so much to our stoic and brilliant Parisian fans who came to drink sorrows away tonight beside the canal. It was at least somewhat of an antidote to a difficult day for us, and everyone looking forward to the concert. A pleasure to talk with you all.”

This morning (8 April), White Lies shared an update on their equipment, revealing that it finally arrived.

Last week Bastille had to cancel a show in Brussels due to “unexpected and insurmountable logistical challenges.”

White Lies will continue their European tour tonight (8 April) in Ghent, Belgium.

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“There have been a lot of errors in the pandemic and it’s cost human lives.”

As the coronavirus pandemic spread throughout the population, hospitals became overrun with patients. The lack of personal protective equipment meant that doctors, nurses and other staff risked their lives in order to save others. A doctor, who was pregnant during the pandemic, explains the chaos within the NHS, why she was forced to quit and how it was covered up.

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