Wombo Announce New Album, Share Video for New Single “Backflip”

Wombo Announce New Album, Share Video for New Single “Backflip”

Fairy Rust Due Out July 29 via Fire Talk

May 10, 2022

Photography by Fallon Frierson

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Kentucky-based trio Wombo have announced the release of a new album, Fairy Rust, which will be out on July 29 via Fire Talk. They have also shared a video for a new single from the album titled “Backflip.” View the Cameron Lowe-directed video below, along with the album’s tracklist and cover art.

In a press release, the band elaborate on their new single: “It’s about being stuck in a loop, continuously running back into yourself. The video ties into ‘Below the House’ in that it is an extension of the nightmarish-dream world experience we wanted to convey.”

Fairy Rust Tracklist:

1. Snakey
2. Sour Sun
3. Backflip
4. Regular Demon
5. Below The House
6. She Go Private
7. It Melted Private
8. RVW
9. Queens Of Keesh
10. Fairy Rust
11. Headstand
12. Seven Of Cups

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