Yonnyboii, Luca Sickta and more Malaysian rappers share hip-hop rendition of ‘Balik Kampung’

Malaysian rappers Yonnyboii, Luca Sickta, Kmy Kmo, Siqma and Asyraf Nasir have teamed up for a hip-hop rendition of the late Sudirman’s classic ‘Balik Kampung’.

Released on April 15, the fresh version features rap parts written by Yonnyboii and Luca Sickta, per New Straits Times. The track expresses the happiness of someone who is returning to his hometown to celebrate Hari Raya at the end of Ramadan.

Listen to the song below:

The hip-hop version of ‘Balik Kampung’ is part of Universal Music Malaysia’s collection of songs with the theme “Raya All Out”.

Prior to this collaboration, Yonnyboii joined Caprice on a freestyle cypher remix of the latter’s 2014 track ‘Xde Hal Bro’, alongside Meerfly, Zynakal, Elva, Alfie Zumi and Syameer. He also released the synth-pop ballad ‘NIKI’, a single dedicated to his wife, last January.

The 23-year-old rapper has previously worked with Luca Sickta, Kmy Kmo and Siqma for the 2021 track ‘Dua Puluh’. It also featured the artists Benzooloo, Juki, B-heart and Ical Mosh.

Meanwhile, Asyraf Nasir’s latest release is a collaborative effort with singer CLAUDIA and producer Irwinwithfire, ‘Feel Alive’.