Yovie & Nuno vocalist Pradikta Wicaksono announces departure from band

Indonesian singer Pradikta Wicaksono has left pop-rock outfit Yovie & Nuno after a 15-year stint with the band.

Wicaksono announced his departure in a video posted to his Instagram page on June 1. In the video, he described the departure as “heart-breaking”, saying that the band had agreed to his departure on amicable terms, adding, “We decided that this was the best way to move forward for all parties.”

Wicaksono went on to thank the rest of the band as well as their fans and management team before adding he would continue to write music. “I’m sure Yovie & Nuno, with a new vocalist and the new songs already in the works, will have even more hits than they have now,” he concluded.

Wicaksono first joined Yovie & Nuno in 2007, replacing vocalist Gail after the band held a search to find a new member. He would go on to release three albums with the band, 2007’s ‘The Special One’, 2010’s ‘Winning Eleven’, and 2014’s ‘Still The One’, winning an Anugerah Muzik Indonesia award for Best Album at the 2009 ceremony for ‘The Special One’.

Currently, only founding guitarist Muchamad Ahadiyat remains in the band. Keyboardist Ady Julian, who joined in 2019, is considered permanent member of Yovie & Nuno following the exit of pianist Yovie Widianto that same year to take on a more backseat role in running the band as their producer. In 2021, longtime vocalist Ardy Windura officially left the band as well, having first joined in 2014.

Yovie & Nuno’s last release came in the form of their 2021 single ‘Sajadah Panjang’.