Yves Jarvis Shares Video for New Song “At the Whims”

Yves Jarvis Shares Video for New Song “At the Whims”

The Zug Due Out May 13 via ANTI-

Apr 19, 2022

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Yves Jarvis is releasing a new album, The Zug, on May 13 via ANTI-. Now he has shared the album’s newest single, “At the Whims,” via a video for it. Watch it below.

“‘At the Whims’ depicts the arc of civilization,” Jarvis explains in a press release. “From our Genesis to our self-realization (‘We’re not at the whims! We’re out on the fringe!’), humanity’s insatiable conquest (‘Unprecedented unfolding, out from their holdings and into the fray’) resulting in our ‘Rise,’ the fervid leap from 0 to 1 that sets society’s wheels into motion and ‘the fall of an empire’ that looms across all epochs.

“Punctuated by the contemporary individualist, nihilist narrator, (‘Prospect in front of me is void and empty’) only to be usurped and outnumbered by the enlightened and life affirming post-chorus of ecstatic ‘YEAHs.’ A bullish acoustic strum anchors us to the earth while harmonics wail mightily from above, evoking a desert sandstorm, while the lyrics are inspired by the poetic depth of Bob Dylan.”

Jarvis previously shared a video for the album’s “Bootstrap Jubilee.” He also shared a video for the album’s super short “Prism Through Which I Perceive.”

Jarvis’ previous album, Sundry Rock Song Stock, came out in 2020 on ANTI-.

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You can download Yves Jarvis Shares Video for New Song “At the Whims”. You can also see interesting things about Yves Jarvis - At the Whims

Title : Yves Jarvis - At the Whims
Artist : ANTI- Records
Duration : 02:57
Size : 4.05 MB
Source : Youtube Music/Video
Type of file : Audio/Video (.mp3 .mp4)

Listen to the full album here: antircrds.io/39D3BBw
"At the Whims" by @Yves Jarvis from the album 'The Zug', available now
Order, Stream, and Download at yvesjarvis.ffm.to/thezug

Directed by Yves Jarvis

Written by Jean-Sebastien Audet
Mixed by Mark Lawson


countless and boundless
all knowing
ebbing and flowing
wast for no sake
unconscionable con
productive lives led
without any trace
of both feet standing firmly
in one's place
and not at the whims
we're out on the fringe
making the best of this flight
do you want it?
to shed your appetite?
couldn't fool me

prospect of what could be
void and empty

unprecedented unfolding
out from their holdings
and into the fray
the rise and fall
of an empire
with this dying breath
should be ashamed
with due respect
and out on your own
without a cellphone
making mistakes on your way
can you hack it, baby?
day in, every day, day out
can you hack it every day?

prospect in front of me
void and empty

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